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Stealing Time, Mismatched Colour & the Impressive IbizaBohoGirl

Here we are again - Stealing moments for a quick catch up! We have been very busy at Hindiindie, working on expanding our range of quality goodies as always. We really love Unique pieces - those One-of-a-Kind Goodies that grab your attention with that sense - that it was just made to be. Those special pieces that help to express who you really are. I have never really followed fashion, except for the formative years when you follow what your friends do. I love colour & I love clash & bash with colour. I find colour exciting & I love things that don't mesh but speak uniquely to each other. I think Colour makes you brave!

So we have Colour! Colour! Colour!  with our new Indian Banjara Bag Range. The vintage Banajara Fabrics don't match as such but form such a Uniquely Amazing Harmony when put to dance together. Been very busy doing photoshoots trying to get the bags up on the website for you.

One of my favourite Bloggers is Ibiza Boho Girl www.ibizabohogirl.com. Yvon is a Dutch woman who has a Fabulous Sense of Style & knows what's hot in the Boho Tribal World of Fashion. We sent our 'The Waiting Game' dress which is exclusively designed by HindiIndie over to Yvon with our very popular One-of-a-Kind Orange Blossom Satchel & Yvon did an Amazing job Styling our Goodies. We have also featured in Ibiza Boho Girl's article 'The 10 Best Boho Brands Down Under'. Exciting times for HindiIndie. Here is the web address if you would like to check out her blog - leads you to amazing Tribal/Boho fashion ideas. http://www.ibizabohogirl.com/10-best-boho-brands-australia/ 

So, hopefully I will steal a few minutes more often to fill you in on what's going on with Hindiindie. We are working towards a "Shop the Outfit" link, so you can source any item of a look you love!

Wishing Everyone Love - Light & Plenty of Mismatched Colour!!!!